The Corsano Medical Board


The purpose of the Medical Advisory Board of Corsano Health B.V. (CORSANO) is to support the company and its patients. 


The Medical Advisory Board serves as a representative link between CORSANO and the medical community. Its role is advisory within quarterly meetings, mainly on medical topics. The governing body of the Medical Advisory Board is the Board Members themselves, and it is their decisions that are implemented for the Medical Advisory Board. CORSANO’s Medical Advisory Board does not make decisions for CORSANO, however, their input is highly valued, especially on medical topics. 


The goals of the CORSANO’s Medical Advisory Board are as follows, but not limited by this list. Other goals may be defined by the Medical Advisory Board as the need arises or as a member takes on initiatives in support of CORSANO and the patients. 

  1. Make recommendations regarding clinical validation, research and materials.
  2. Promote communication among the medical community worldwide in regards to CORSANO topics of interest and work.
  3. Participate in appropriate activities that enhance CORSANO and the medical community’s ability to support patients and families who are affected by cardio vascular deceases.
  4. The Medical Advisory Board may recommend changes to the management of the company and CORSANO’s Board of Directors.
  5. Review the CORSANO website and other communications for medical accuracy.

Time Commitment:  

CORSANO has just begun recruiting for an advisory board, we hope that you will be willing to give 1-2 days commitment per quarter. Meetings can be held in person, by conference calls or through emails and will be determined by the Medical Advisory Board Members.